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Portable LiveScan Service Comes to Las Vegas

LiveScan Las Vegas has become the first and ONLY livescan facility in Nevada to submit fingerprints electronically to the FBI. This means results come back in LESS THAN 7 DAYS!

LiveScan Las Vegas will be deploying a portable LiveScan Machine throughout Clark County. This will allow us to provide service to employers and schools that currently send their students and applicants great distances to be fingerprinted. Many of the patrons that visit LiveScan Las Vegas travel great distances, sometimes hours to be fingerprinted due to the lack of facilities throughout the county.

If you are an employer that has a need for your applicants or students to be fingerprinted for electronic submission to FBI, contact LiveScan Las Vegas to schedule a visit from our mobile LiveScan Service.

Why wait for two or three weeks for an appointment, when LiveScan Las Vegas can be at your facility next week?